Started out in 2018 as part of a bigger global movement, Junction in Helsinki, JunctionX Hanoi has brought a new color to hackathons in Vietnam, with the record of the biggest number of participants, coming from all fields and having English as the main language at the event.

After JunctionX Hanoi, JunctionX Singapore has enriched the lives of hundreds of people through hackathons in Singapore. JunctionX Singapore has made a statement and challenged the conventional way of looking at technology.


JunctionX license is currently being carried out in 14 countries around the world blending into each country’s culture, and it is back in the heart of Central-Eastern Europe as well!


A multi-disciplinary tech community that will be brought to you by CraftHub in the fall of 2022 again! CraftHub aims to make knowledge available, helping tech crafters to continuously improve their skills.

JunctionX was brought to Budapest in 2018 with great success, so it was organized again in 2019 as well. After Covid hit, there was a gap in 2020 but CraftHub brought it back in 2021, and since then CraftHub continues to organize it annually for the hackathon lovers of Hungary and international tech-minded individuals!

Join us in Budapest, and have fun with technology!

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