1. Submission process

Draft submissions
  • For draft submission, you have to create a project in the JunctionApp in the JunctionX Budapest event, you can easily save this draft project without any completed description.
  • When creating a draft project, it is enough for us if you only give a name to your project and choose the challenge you will work on.
  • At the draft submission deadlines we would only like to see how many projects will be submitted on the different challenges.
Final submission

To submit your project, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a 2 minute video pitch and upload it to YouTube (The video can have you talking, a live app demo (if you have one), some cool animation, etc… whatever fits best)
  2. Make a GitHub repo
  3. Link the YouTube video and the repo in your submission form

Please, make sure to follow these steps strictly otherwise we will not be able to evaluate your project.

2. Evaluation process

As mentioned above we will have different types of winners by the end of the hackathon. The evaluations will have 2 rounds according to the following:

1. First round from 10:30 am on Sunday:
  • Challenge winners will be chosen by partners. Each partner will get a judging sheet filled out with the projects submitted to their challenge. We will have a challenge winner for each challenge. (For the judging criterias please scroll down to the FAQ part)
  • In the meantime, while the partners are evaluating, the teams can also vote for each other’s projects on the JunctionApp with the Gavel algorithm. At the end of this voting, those teams who got the most votes in their challenge can go to the second round. (For more information about this algorithm, please scroll down to the FAQ part)
2. Second round after the Live pitches on Sunday:
  • The winner of the Audience Award will be chosen by the community which means that anyone can vote for their favorite project (even those who did not participate in the hackathon can vote). The voting will be managed with a poll and will be available after the pitches in the hackathon’s official Facebook event. In this evaluation all the teams can participate even if they didn’t win a challenge or a track
  • And finally, the Grand winner will be selected from the challenge winners chosen by the partners and the teams who got the most votes in JunctionApp in each challenge. After the live pitches, the final evaluation will open, and only registered teams and partners will be able to vote. Votes will be collected in two ways: from teams in JunctionApp by final voting and from partners via form.

3. Prizes

As mentioned above, we will announce different types of winners with precious prizes.

  • The challenge provider partners will provide a prize of 1,500 – 2,000 € for the teams, they selected as their Challenge winner
  • The winner of the Audience award will be selected by the audience and will claim the prize of 500 € provided by CraftHub
  • And the grand prize, 3,000 € will go to the Grand winner who will be chosen from the track winners by the teams and the partners. This prize will be also given by CraftHub

4. Platforms

For those, who will participate in the hackathon online, we will use the following platforms so they won’t miss any important information.


the main communication platform of the event where all the announcements will be communicated.


will provide the place for the opening ceremony, workshops, panel discussion, live pitches and the closing ceremony for those who will attend online. Invitations for the Hopin event will be sent out only to participants of the hackathon (like teams, partners and mentors).


is the official registration and submission platform for the participants. Also some of the evaluation processes will be organized here.


It will be mainly for the mentors and teams. We will upload the mentors’ availabilities here and teams can book mentoring sessions to their chosen mentors on this platform.